Self-Regulated Learning In A Massive Open Online Course: A Review of Literature

Hizam Min 1 * , M. Khalid M. Nasir 1

European Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Education, Volume 1, Issue 2, Article No: e02007

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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course accessible through the internet to deliver online learning content to anyone who is interested to gain knowledge in the various fields offered. Some of the accessible materials are video clips, downloadable and plenary discussion in social media activity. In addition, there are interactive forums that build a community of educators and students. This paper reviews the ongoing research trends from ongoing research in various disciplines at MOOC. Its background reviews are structured descriptively and chronologically from the information collected. This paper then focuses on the role of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) as a strong support to MOOC. The advantages of MOOC are very beneficial, it enables more people to gain knowledge at no cost, without space or temporal constraints, in online courses over the web. The findings indicate the SRL has a great impact in the MOOC achievement. Although there are obstacles in providing solutions for the implementation of MOOCs to achieve the best results. Future studies should look at more complex and challenging current situations for the implementation of MOOCs in keeping with the latest modern learning.



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