Time Factor Influencing Technology Integration in Social Studies Teaching in Jordanian School

Mohammad Abed Latif Mohammad Smadi 1 * , Arumugam Raman 1

European Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Education, Volume 1, Issue 1, Article No: e02004

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The purpose of this qualitative research study was to examine the time factor influencing technology integration in social studies teaching in a Jordanian school. The case study method was chosen because the research questions sought to explore time factor influencing technology integration in teaching. In Jordan, little research qualitative empirical research has investigated the level of the time of technology has been carried out for educational purposes. Therefore, this paper intends to identify the importance of the time factor of teachers in technology integration in teaching. These data were analysed using a thematic analysis approach, semi-structured interview interviews and observation were used as instruments to collect data. Five social studies teachers participated in this study. Findings showed that all of the teachers have mentioned that the time was one of the most important factors that affected the technology integration in their teaching. Where most of the responses indicated that, the time was a major obstacle in front of their technology integration. Furthermore, I found out through my classroom observations that the time was an obstacle for all teachers.



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